Palo Alto and Unifi

I.e. Adventures in Networking

I don’t have a lot to say right now, other than I spent *hours* trying to get my new Palo Alto to work with the Unifi Suite.

Little did I realize that Unifi’s concept of “Native VLAN” means it is going to strip the VLAN tag of the “Native VLAN” off the 1Q header, and the Palo Alto doesn’t have a concept of the “Native VLAN” which means, when it gets an untagged packet it sends it to the unconfigured interface (not any of the sub-interfaces).

The fix:
– Create a Network Profile that has no native VLAN and tag the VLAN specifically destined for the Palo Interface.

I’m dropping this note here, b/c I could not find ANYWHERE on the internet that explained this, I had to piece it together based on lots of different documents around how Unifi, Cisco, Palo, etc. work.

Plus, I’ll probably forget this next week when I go to try and configure my next interface.

09/24/2023 – Also found out the hard way that the IP addresses set on the interfaces themselves have to have a net mask added, or apparently they consider themselves in a network all to themselves, and won’t route traffic. I think, after troubleshooting, I realized that it is because this is acting both as the IP of the interface, and the gateway address for the interface.

At least I can happily say …. it wasn’t DNS!

Angry businessman png giving speech


It’s been a trying few weeks; so many challenges as children transition from young adult, to adult. On some evenings, it definitely feels like everyone is not growing up fast enough, and yet, still other evenings, it still seems like they are growing too fast (and we are aging)

But in the silence of the peepers and the wind chimes, I sat here and realized that soon, in the proverbial “tomorrow”, they all won’t be around; so tonight, I’ll just be thankful that I still see this.

Self awareness

I love this little dog. but I also kind of wonder if she wakes up every day, realizing life will be the same story over and over until she moves on from this life.

Wake up, walk, nap, scrounge for food, walk, sometimes chase the cat around the living room, then bed again.

I mean, at least I get to work 9+ hours a day too.


One OClock in the Morning

I took a break from breaking into computers, with some of my children, to play an accordion with others of my children. I was too tired to pull out the Cordovox.. it’s heavy, and I’m old!

Yep, I am the head of a really weird household.

Me playing accordion a 1 AM

NOTE: Braeden is holding the accordion I started playing when I was 6 years old, Donovan is holding the accordion I started playing when I was 11. 😱

Where were you when I needed you!?

Over the last year, it’s been pretty hard to not put on a couple COVID pounds… or, let’s be honest, about 20 COVID pounds; and as of late, when I’m looking in the mirror, and I say “Man, I’ve gotten pretty fat”, my wife @amandarachael is quick to say “You’re not fat”…..

Well, today, I went to the chiropractor (long overdue), and the chiropractor says… hrm… “you’re kind of fat, that’s gonna hurt your back”.

AND Amanda is sitting in the chair, right next to me, and she didn’t jump to defend my honor! Where were you when I needed you?!?

Well played, fairweather friend! 😜