The Final Test

This seems to be the CBK that I’m having the hardest time on, mostly because I know how to exploit the network very well, but do not have as much experience in configuring it.  I passed though.  🙂


Funniest part is after another full week of studying it – I still got the same grade!!! HAHA!




Second day away from my family

This is the second day I have been away from my wife (excepting when the kids were born) since we were married almost 13 years ago…  It’s quiet, somewhat peaceful, but definitely lonely!

I have only been without the children (except for births) a few times in their whole life, and except for births, it was because we went to Haiti. 


The totality of being without my wife and children is very strange – it’s definitely quiet, peaceful, and interesting to not have such weight pressing down (additionally due to the fact that I am not at home, so the million chores that I need to do aren’t on my mind constantly) – but I can say with certainty that it’s not anything I’d like to practice long term… well, maybe a few more breaks from the kids would be nice!  😉

CBK 5 – 5 more to go in less than 10 days

Wow – this networking CBK was rough – there has to be like a gazillion networking terms that need to be memorized.  The thing is, what I’m kind of frustrated about, is I don’t see much emphasis being placed on the security of the networking technology, more about the networking technology itself.  It’s almost like you’re going for a CompTIA +Network.  I did quite well on the CBK test – but I really REALLY need to review this chapter again if I get a chance…