Kindle Swindle… Does anyone get sick of it?

Amazon just has this thing about trying to screw over it’s customer’s doesn’t it.  I hope people catch on, and I hope it really hurts their bottom line.

Every 6 months Amazon comes out with the “new improved” model of the Kindle – such that, people scrambling to buy their latest version find that the version they bought is instantly out dated by the next release 6 months later.

Take for example:  Kindle 2, then a few months later, Kindle DX, then a few months later (well a little bit more than a few months), Kindle Global, then a few months later, Kindle WiFi.

Perhaps they don’t realize how much they’re going to piss people off by only offering these tiny little incremental upgrades, and as a result, trying to force people that want to have the best functioning reading device to continue to fork out money over and over as they make their pathetic little updates.

I have caught on personally.  I would love to buy the WiFi model, but first, it doesn’t appear to be in DX – so I know that’ll come out in about 6 months, AND, I’m sure they’re thinking of color sometime soon.

No thanks Amazon & Jeff – I’ll hold off for a long time to come, and I hope everyone else does too!

CBK 4 – Physical Security

I am now well versed in fence heights, and chain diameters, fire extinguishers, and IDS systems.  My score was actually higher than this too – as I found at least one bug in the testing software where it said my answer was the correct answer, but then marked it wrong :-0



Another one down – Security Architecture

This was probably the most extensive learning I had to do so far in the CISSP around the different security Models, like the Bell-LaPidula, the Biba, the Clark-WIlson, the Graham-Dennig and the Harrison-Ruzzo-Ulllman security Models… you have all that right? LoL

Funniest part is, I scored almost 100% on almost all of the concepts except:  I couldn’t seem to make the distinction between multiprocessing, multiprogramming, mutithreading and multitasking – how lame is that!

Oh, and I was exposed to a very cool side-channel attack (or more appropriately called a covert storage attack) having to do with information flow.. with an example of using storage state (like files being locked and unlocked) to steal data one bit at a time… that was pretty neat thinking!

Anyway – after 120 pages of very extensive reading under Security Architecture – I’m off to the next CBK starting tomorrow.



Access Control CBK

I read over a 100 pages last night, and there was SO much information and acronyms galore!  I have a really good understanding of Access Control, but I still learned a bunch! 

I have to do school reading tonight, so I’m going to unfortunately be behind now in the CISSP review, but I’ll have the weekend to try and catch up!

Oh, and I found out that I can read SO much more a night if I shut down my computer and put it away!  There is too much tempting me on the computer to actually keep me from peaking and playing every couple minutes…  I need better attention skills!  LoL



My poem for food

I thought up a little poem to commemorate my leftover mexican food…

Carrots and potatoes are very nice,
But refried beans just take the cake
Because you can enjoy them thrice!


A romance that brought forth a beautiful love child, inception was a phenomenal essence conceived of the thirteenth floor and the matrix – I would say, to date, the best movie I have ever seen!