Winds of change…

How are you supposed to know when change is good, and when it isn’t? I mean, change hardly ever feels right – until after it’s all done and over with and struggled through…. then you know, know for sure, that it was either right or wrong –

Blown away….

You know, there are times in your life; when people just walk up to you and say something about you that just completly blows you away.

Like, you never even had an idea that they held some type of hostility to you; never even knew they felt a certain way about you, always pretended that everything was cool whenever you were around them.

And then, you walk up to them, one day, and they pull a bat out from behind their back, and just strike you in the head.

And you’re left, dazed, confused and thinking “WTF!?”

Yeah…. that’s life….

My little sister….

My little sister is getting married today – and I’m performing the ceremony.

I just finished writing the vows; they are very good – if I do say so myself (My wife and her best friend agree’s too at least).. we’ll see how the wedding party likes them in just a few hours….. 😉

A couple weeks ago; I spoke my first Eulogy of a very close friend, and this weekend I’m performing my first wedding.

It’s strange to get old….

Flames & Rain

Have you ever watched your world go up in flames – while it was pouring rain?

It’s happened to me 3 times in my life – 3 times I will never forget – and they are etched into my soul.

It doesn’t ever get any easier.

She said she missed me…

She said she missed me…

“I would tell you I missed you”, I replied, “But how can I miss you, I haven’t lost you – I know just where you are”.

But then, I sat, and contemplated my life, where I’ve been, and where I am.

I turned to her and said, “I do, however, miss myself terribly”.

What I do in my spare time…

Well – I’m always looking for ways to fine tune my skills with computers. Often I’m doing security assessments of web sites and applications; a lot of times I’m disassembling code; writing and reading computer assembly; and lately I’ve been really into Code Breaking.

I have a website that I am posting some of the Cipher’s I am breaking from the book “Codebreaker” – the site is Here.

I’ve been recently writing routines in C# to Encrypt and Decrypt using Asymmetric and Symmetric Encryption Algorithm’s – specifically AES and RSA – I will make them available on that website soon.

But in the mean time, to better understand how Base64 Encoding works (This is very important in the world of computers) – I’m currently writing a raw implementation of a base64 encoding/decoding engine (if you can call it that).

The Base64 encoder – if you’re interested, and you have .Net 2.0 installed; and you have the default CASPOL settings – can be located Here, or you can find it under the above like with the link called “Interlude”.

Yep – told you I’m nerdy.

Why Darth Jedi?

Ok, so Henlin wanted to know why I’m called Darth Jedi.

I originally earned the nickname “Jedi” – because I have a way with the ‘force’ when it comes to computers – I’m plugged into the matrix – not only do I know the matrix – but I can control it. Ok – nerdy – I know – so here is a different reason.

On the surface, it’s simple: part of my job is to break into computers, their systems and their people; I do this; not to steal information, nor to harm, but I do it to discover weaknesses that can be exploited. To find vulnerabilities and attack; and then, when I am done, I analyze these vulnerabilities and attack vectors and help companies fix them.

In order to do this, I have to think like an attacker, I have to think and act like the ‘dark side’; but to be successful in this job, I have to be honest, sincere and above all trustworthy.

I am a perfect balance between the dark side of the force and the light side of the force. I am Darth Jedi.

Now the other meanings are more philosophical, and because this blog isn’t in the category of Philosophy and Religion – I’m not going into it.

When Shall Come the Day?

When shall come the day?

© 2003 Jediah Logiodice

Two months ago,

they told us you had a cancer

a cancer eating through you

taking over your body

threatening to steal your existence.

But .. not today ..

Two days ago,

they told us you were getting near

an enemy that could not be destroyed

was on your door step

threatening to close your eyes

but .. not today ..

Two hours ago,

they told us you were gone


just slipped away, some thief unseen

took you away, it was expected

but ..


today ..

Two years ago

We asked you to quit

it’s going to kill you

We all care for you, grandpa

You said, “Maybe i’ll quit”






In memory of my Grandpa Ken – who was always going to quit tomorrow.

In the Sweet By and By

In the sweet By and By

© 2003 Jediah Logiodice

If I die tonight, I want you to know

I’ve lived my life for God,

I know where I’ll go

If I die tonight, I want you to see

My life has not ended, but has just

started to be

If I die tonight, I want you to hear

the sweet whisper of Jesus

“In heaven.. no tears”

If I die tonight, I want you to grasp

How swift your time here is

How life passes so fast

If I die tonight, I want you to try


spend time with people you love

Make time for Jesus and God

and remember we’ll meet again “by and by”

In loving memory of:

Richard York – April 23, 2003

Muriel York – April 19, 2007

They have both gone to await his return!



© 1996 – Jediah Logiodice

Run Run Run away!

Where ya gonna go?

Find a rock as big as sea

And cover life from woe.

Silence roams upon the earth

Knocking door to door,

Bringing deadly winter chills

Oozing through the floor.

Fleeing life and French-kissed pain

Driving out into the night

Placing mellow in your heart

Holding on for infernal flight.

Screaming, soaring,

Ecstatic moon

Covering your sorrow

Climbing free from mildew waste –

Cringing in sun’s ‘morrow.

Sinking freely in the water

Rising from the stone –

Open eyes, and blinding light,

Marching on towards home.