Evening dance

   starry rain

      pouring down from

         Heights on high


Nights caress

   brightened sky

      forming shadows

         from days gone by.


What I see

   echoes vast

      from long away

         where memory fades


And here I stand

   at last it’s past

      the moonlight

         recedes for another day.



– Dedicated to the moon, whose mercy echoed within the recesses of my mind a dreamy childhood memory – 8-23-2008.

©2008 Jediah Logiodice

My son the hacker…

So Donovan informed Amanda a couple days ago that he is going to be a “Scientist, a computer scientist, like papa” and last night he asked me to start teaching him about computers, and he was asking tons of questions about breaking into computers and hacking.

So we sat down and starting having a conversation about CPUs and Memory and Hard drives and Graphics Cards and Sound Cards and Mother Boards and binary and CD-roms – and he was just sucking it all up, he asked me to open the case on his computer so I could show him the components one by one.

Well, when I logged onto my personal email this morning I had an email sitting in my email box saying that I had signed up for a parent account on playhouse Disney and then signed up Donovan for a free trial for a particular game on playhouse Disney – and all I needed to do was click on the verification link and login and verify his account so he could play.

Of course, I didn’t know the password “I” used to create the account, and I’m glad he doesn’t know how to brute force POP3 account logon’s yet… but needless to say, I think I’m creating a monster…. He is only 7…. Before long, I’m going to have to enroll him in an “Ethical Hackers” program @ the university…. J


Oh sweet sunlight

That fills my soul,

That makes me whole,

And makes me want to sing

If I should bask

In your love to long,

It brings with it

A mighty sting!

©2005 Jediah Logiodice

Family time…

I don’t usually blog for no apparent reason, but I figured I would tonight.  On Monday of this past week I went rock climbing and mountain climbing… I’m afraid of heights.. but I managed pretty well…

I got up 100 feet or so and back down – while harnessed and locked into the side of the mountain, but I was too scared to go up the other 900 or so feet, attached to nothing but a rope and a piece of metal stuck into the side of the mountain – so instead I decided to climb up the side of the mountain, almost as steep, by myself with no rope, but I had trees and roots and rocks to hold on to.

A couple times I was ready to just throw myself over the side and be done with it – but determined as I was to make it to the top – I did indeed.  Then I sat at the top of the mountain and waited to meet God in the clouds.  I could say that He never showed up, but I’m not so sure… it at least wasn’t the rapture – so, unfortunately I was stuck climbing back down the mountain again (which wasn’t as bad as I feared it was going to be).

Anyway, so then on Tuesday, we went to Story land with the kids.  I have to admit, that while I wasn’t overly impressed at the cost of story land, nor the cliché of the whole ordeal – we did have a lot of fun.  The kids actually got along and stopped fighting for like 6 hours straight, and I actually spent time with my family (without a computer or an IPOD for like 6 hours straight). 

Donovan & Braeden & Bella and I played in the ball house for like an hour, and Donnie & Braeden and I went on the roller coaster ride! 🙂  Amanda went on the crazy barn with Donnie & Brady, and we went on the teacup and floating balloon rides together as a family.  I had A LOT of fun.  I enjoyed myself.  I’m going to put pictures up on the MySpace as soon as I get them from Amanda.