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Is summer coming


I’m swimming in the


But standing on the ground.

My hair is wet,

My feet are set,

in dirt that’s all around.


I’m looking up and seeing,

the clouds that pass me by.

And as they say,

The ocean bay,

makes up the tears they cry.


© 2011 Jediah Logiodice

Wow I guess it is cold



I told her that it

Was not cold

So then I walked outside.


Please light my coal

And warm my toes,

The snowman yonder cried!


I guess it is cold.


© 2011 Jediah Logiodice


Life’s Monotony

There are those days

When even the “eyelash of the sun”

Brushing against your face

Cannot break through

The ice


There are those hours

That seem to drag on

And you feel like the world

Has abandoned you

And the insignificant whispers

Of those who truly care

Cannot rise above the

Dirge of monotony

Compounded by the

Cyclical trepidation of life


There are the minutes

That pass by and you wonder

If there is anything in life

Worth pulling you through

Until tomorrow

The chaos, confusion, hopelessness

All seem to pale towards the

Future glory you long for


And then there are those moments

That you must decide

What will control your destiny


Or this tiny, obscure thread

Called Life


© 2010 – Jediah Logiodice

My Complaints about Thanksgiving!


Thanks for all the Hardships


Today, I was awoken by my children,

Screaming, yelling and hitting each other.

But far too many children have been silenced,

Far too many parents wake up to the nightmare of longing for

What was lost.

Today, I winced as I climbed out of bed.

My back was sore and my head stuffed with a cold of pure agony.

But reading the prayer requests from church,

there are far too many people who likely wake up and long for

my aches and pains.

Today, we had to go grab groceries (again).

I realized that the dwindling money and rising bills cannot be escaped.

But I remembered bringing turkeys to the food banks yesterday.

There are far too many families who can’t

Go and get groceries.

Today, the calendar glared at me relentlessly.

I know that my vacation was over before it even started, and work comes in three days.

But millions of people have no jobs,

While some might be lazy, or unskilled, or uncaring, too many

Are just like me.

Today, I am thankful for all I have, and all I have been given,

The aches, and pains, and worries, and problems, and suffering and sadness

Because I can’t truly see what I have to be thankful for

Until I have experienced life face-to-face: Nor can you.

Not until we have faces.


© 2010 Jediah Logiodice

There are those days

There are those days

when even the eyelash of the sun

brushing against your face

cannot break through the ice


There are those hours

that seem to drag on

and you feel like the

world has abandoned you

and the insignificant whispers

of those who truly care

cannot rise over the dirge of monotony

compounded by the cyclical trepidation of life


There are the minutes

That pass by and you wonder

If there is anything in life

Worth pulling you through

Until tomorrow

The chaos, confusion, hopelessness

All seem to pale towards

The future glory that you long for


And then there are the

Moments that you must decide

What will control your destiny


Or this tiny obscure thread called



© 2010 Jediah Logiodice

My poem for food

I thought up a little poem to commemorate my leftover mexican food…

Carrots and potatoes are very nice,
But refried beans just take the cake
Because you can enjoy them thrice!

Trusting & Working

Today in Church we were talking about “trusting in the Lord” and “not worrying”; but understanding the biblical idea of trust: trust with works. 

Jesus said:

"Consider the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" (Matt. 6:26).

Take for example our adoption.  Some people we know love their children as much as we do, and want their children to come home as much as we do; and yet, they have chosen to sit back and let the Lord do all the work – in His time and in His way.

On the surface, that seems to be the more ‘spiritual’ approach – trusting the Lord in everything; however, when I read Matt 6:26 – I think the bible is expecting a lot more out of us than just trust.

Consider the birds of the air’ they don’t plant, they don’t store up, and yet God feeds them.  However, it’s not as if God brings them breakfast in their nest – they have to go out and work and gather to survive.  God expects them to work for what He has promised them.

And so, I believe it is with our adoption.  God has put it in our heart to help needy children; we met and have fallen in love with our son and daughter, and God has given us the direction that He wants us to open our hearts and homes (It’s amazing how easy this comes once you set down that path).  Yet, God doesn’t want us ‘waiting around on Him’ – He wants us to recognize and realize that He is in control, and things work all in His timing; He wants us to rely on His love and mercy, and give Him the Glory – but He wants us out their working, toiling, committing and investing our hearts, our minds, our finances, and our abilities that He has given us to accomplish what He has directed us in.

So, for that reason, I wrote a quick verse during church today; I think it says everything that needs to be said:


A Call to Arms!

I trust in the Lord with all my might,

So I take up my armor to engage in the fight!