The little Christ

I’m dressing up like Christ today

I’m walking out the door

I don’t quite fit inside his skin

I’m lacking so much more

Outside you see this humble soul

That cares and gives and loves

Inside, alas, so much is bad

It’s stained, it takes and shoves

Each day I put this costume on

To do the things He’d do

I walk the walk, I talk the talk

Yet, things still show right through

But every day I put him on,

I feel a bit more sure,

As passes time, the thing I find

His being covers more

I wonder if I shrink to fit

The skin he let me wear

Or if it grows to cover those

Places that I’m so bare

But what I’ve found, as time winds down

My image shines so bright

For by his power, in my last hour

He seals me with his might.

Less of me, and more of Christ!

© 2007 Jediah Logiodice