Render to Caesar.

And this is why I don’t put any faith in our 401k program either: in the end it all belongs to ‘Caesar’ and ‘he’ will do with it as he pleases.

American citizens who do not look to history, I recommend you check this out:

This is not new to our country and it will not end here.

if you gave me a handful of rocks and said it was worth a years worth of food, so I took it in payment assuming I could buy food from you with my newly acquired rocks over the next year to stay alive, and then afterwards, you came back and told me the rock was only worth a weeks worth of food and I now came up short by almost a year… who would I blame? True – you were dishonest, but I was foolish.

Our current form of ‘money’ is worth a pile of rocks, and by stock piling rocks, the only thing I’m guaranteed is that someday I’m going to have a pile of rocks.