One OClock in the Morning

I took a break from breaking into computers, with some of my children, to play an accordion with others of my children. I was too tired to pull out the Cordovox.. it’s heavy, and I’m old!

Yep, I am the head of a really weird household.

Me playing accordion a 1 AM

NOTE: Braeden is holding the accordion I started playing when I was 6 years old, Donovan is holding the accordion I started playing when I was 11. 😱

The history of the great USA

Watched #AlexanderHamilton for a second time with Bella.

After the second time (with captions) I picked up so much more of the story. #exceptionallydone

That said, couldn’t help but being emotionally stirred thinking of the idealism and the intentionality of the founding mothers and fathers to create a better world, and how quickly corruption took over in our governing class.

There is little room in my mind to question how ashamed they would be today, seeing the qualities that began to reign around self-centered, squabbling, and petty leadership; those who are corrupt, dishonest and drunk on power – feeding off of the souls of the people they were sworn to serve.

Even in the begining, when human nature began to take over our newly formed government, there appeared to be a level of constraint based on the rawness of the recent bloodshed, and some semblance of human decency.

It seems we have come such a far distance from “by the people and for the people”, I can almost understand how Jesus felt when he wept over Jerusalem: “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace!”


There are no ends… only beginnings…

As we moved to San Antonio from the North East, crossing paths with a talented musician and dedicated Christian was both a blessing and honor for my family.

Today, #OakHillsChurch said a goodbye to Stephen Fryrear as he and his wife begin a new stage of their lives in Alabama.  A goodbye mixed with tears of sadness and joy.  Sadness for our loss as a Church Family here in San Antonio – even as temporary as it may be, and joy to see that like a seed on the wind, Stephen and his wife will take their joy and talents to some other part of the country to continue to build the #Kingdom.

If you are not familiar with Stephen – I might suggest you check out two of my favorites on iTunes – his song “At the Cross” and “Because of Bethlehem”.

Someone once said that “all good things must come to an end”; what they failed to understand is that there are no ends, only beginnings.  Good luck Stephen, and may God bless!