My son the hacker…

So Donovan informed Amanda a couple days ago that he is going to be a “Scientist, a computer scientist, like papa” and last night he asked me to start teaching him about computers, and he was asking tons of questions about breaking into computers and hacking.

So we sat down and starting having a conversation about CPUs and Memory and Hard drives and Graphics Cards and Sound Cards and Mother Boards and binary and CD-roms – and he was just sucking it all up, he asked me to open the case on his computer so I could show him the components one by one.

Well, when I logged onto my personal email this morning I had an email sitting in my email box saying that I had signed up for a parent account on playhouse Disney and then signed up Donovan for a free trial for a particular game on playhouse Disney – and all I needed to do was click on the verification link and login and verify his account so he could play.

Of course, I didn’t know the password “I” used to create the account, and I’m glad he doesn’t know how to brute force POP3 account logon’s yet… but needless to say, I think I’m creating a monster…. He is only 7…. Before long, I’m going to have to enroll him in an “Ethical Hackers” program @ the university…. J

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