Ehrlich’s Binary Shirt

In case you are wondering:

01000010 = 42h = B (A)
01101001 = 69h = i (A)
01110100 = 74h = t (A)
01100011 = 63h = c (A)
01101111 = 6Fh = o (A)
01101001 = 69h = i (A)
01101110 = 6Eh = n (A)

You know what they say, there are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Manipulating bits for fun [..and profit..?]

For years I’ve understood assembly enough to get by with debugging and disassembling when needed; I finally decided it was time to learn to write.

The world of the computer language is intriguing, easy and frustrating all at the same time. Here are two equivalent pieces of code, they do the two very simple things in slightly different ways.

The first I wrote interpreting from a higher-level language that I can read & write (C); the second was the code rewritten to be more compact.

Why?  I don’t know… just because….  at what point would I ever use this newly acquired(ing) skill for something valuable…  I guess we’ll see…

assembly code


Eliot on the times

Some serious contemplation is required to understand how we ended up with a POTUS like Obama and candidates like Clinton and Trump. 

This is the dead cactus land,
The hollow valley of dying stars,
We are the hollow, stuffed men.

A penny for the old man?
In eyes we dare not meet in dream,
Followed by a whimper.

Where will we go from here?

The end of the world as we know it – or the dawning of a new age?

Artificial Intelligence might bring immortality or it might as easily bring imminent destruction of the human race.

For an accessible quick read regarding this topic, you can check out the U.S. News article We all may be dead in 2050.

If you are interested in going a bit deeper regarding the precarious position the human race is in and the challenges to be overcome as we move into this new age of enlightenment – check out the book Super Intelligence by Nick Bostrom.


Render to Caesar.

And this is why I don’t put any faith in our 401k program either: in the end it all belongs to ‘Caesar’ and ‘he’ will do with it as he pleases.

American citizens who do not look to history, I recommend you check this out:

This is not new to our country and it will not end here.

if you gave me a handful of rocks and said it was worth a years worth of food, so I took it in payment assuming I could buy food from you with my newly acquired rocks over the next year to stay alive, and then afterwards, you came back and told me the rock was only worth a weeks worth of food and I now came up short by almost a year… who would I blame? True – you were dishonest, but I was foolish.

Our current form of ‘money’ is worth a pile of rocks, and by stock piling rocks, the only thing I’m guaranteed is that someday I’m going to have a pile of rocks.


To the Left and the Right… troubling times are here…

I found this draft blog post today after seeing another attempt of the Obama administration using coercion to try and override the Democratic process. Things haven’t changed in over a year. smh.

[cont. from almost a year ago]

This quote I ran into this afternoon is worth pondering… put the most recent ruling aside, because no matter which side you are on, you should smell danger.

Some of the most recent areas of contention: marijuana, Obama Care and equal rights based on sexual proclivities underlines a growing pattern: when the government overrules the democratic process, how long will it be before the people rise once again to say “enough is enough”?

Today, I can think of only one thing that is providing the glue that keeps us in a cohesive bond across this country… and that alone, is scary, given its ephemeral, coercive nature: money and the federal reserve bank.  How long will states allow their constitutional sovereignty to be overridden based on the color of printed paper?  How would the government respond if states decided to secede from the union?

We need to find a democratic way to bring us back to our democratic roots, because, based on history, our republic is not really “our” republic, and ‘our’ government, created by the people and for the people, will not hesitate to take unilateral action to remain in control… it’s the nature of humanity.

Definitely worth pondering…

Here is the quote:

“It appears the American Experiment (i.e. can man, acting in concert with his Maker, govern himself free of despots and tyrants) has largely terminated after only a couple of hundred years. I am thankful to God to have been given a fleeting glimpse of the tail end exiting freedom’s door.”

Layer 8 security: hacked by email.

Last week I received a letter in the mail claiming to be from the city of Suffolk.  They want me to pay a tax on my cars.  The tax is less than $100, but you know what; I already paid a fee to register my cars.  Perhaps the request is legit, but it seems just a little bit suspicious.  What if that letter came through email with a link to click for me to make a PayPal payment?  Is email any more secure than the US Postal service?  How do you know the letter, or the email, that claims to have come from a certain person actually came from that person.  The postal system, like the internet is kind of the wild, wild west.

There are plenty of technologies that can help solve this issue – if someone expresses interest, I would be happy to dig into those technologies in the near future.  However, as a quick way to raise your awareness of the dangers of trusting email (or snail mail) without a discerning eye, pop over to the New York Times and read the post about the Magazine Publisher that just lost 1.5 Million dollars due to an email scam.

The short story:

Someone hacked into the email of the CEO and sent an email to the Accounts Payable department to wire 1.5 million dollars to an offshore Chinese bank account.

The dutiful employee complied.

The problem here is not that someone hacked the CEOs email, this type of stuff happens every single day in the real world.  The problem is that the receiver on the other end didn’t apply any type of analysis or intelligence to the request (e.g. is this risky, is this unusual?).  It is interesting to note that the “CEO” sent a second email to Accounts Payable.  This second employee thought “Hey, this seems odd, maybe I should double check with the CEO”.

Result: 1.5 Million dollars saved.

Who knows, perhaps a 1.5 million dollar transfer request through email was a normal day in the Accounts Payable office of Bonnier Publications.  If so, shame on them (see the opening paragraph).

Summary:  Enterprise organizations need to eliminate email from their business processes, both from an efficiency and a security perspective.  As an individual, you need to approach email with a certain amount of discernment, even if they appear to come from a trusted individual (see the opening paragraph).

I promise not to send you email from your boss asking you to buy lunch for the office: but I can’t speak for everyone.

Asking a few additional questions might just save your company 1.5 million dollars.

Remember: Security is everyone’s responsibility.