In the Sweet By and By

In the sweet By and By

© 2003 Jediah Logiodice

If I die tonight, I want you to know

I’ve lived my life for God,

I know where I’ll go

If I die tonight, I want you to see

My life has not ended, but has just

started to be

If I die tonight, I want you to hear

the sweet whisper of Jesus

“In heaven.. no tears”

If I die tonight, I want you to grasp

How swift your time here is

How life passes so fast

If I die tonight, I want you to try


spend time with people you love

Make time for Jesus and God

and remember we’ll meet again “by and by”

In loving memory of:

Richard York – April 23, 2003

Muriel York – April 19, 2007

They have both gone to await his return!



© 1996 – Jediah Logiodice

Run Run Run away!

Where ya gonna go?

Find a rock as big as sea

And cover life from woe.

Silence roams upon the earth

Knocking door to door,

Bringing deadly winter chills

Oozing through the floor.

Fleeing life and French-kissed pain

Driving out into the night

Placing mellow in your heart

Holding on for infernal flight.

Screaming, soaring,

Ecstatic moon

Covering your sorrow

Climbing free from mildew waste –

Cringing in sun’s ‘morrow.

Sinking freely in the water

Rising from the stone –

Open eyes, and blinding light,

Marching on towards home.

Death of a Gentleman

Death of a Gentleman

© 1996 Jediah Logiodice

He began,

Soft as a summer breeze,

Blowing against a lighted


Quiet as a kitten’s cry,

Wanting only the serenity

Of his mother’s warm milk,

Comforting as a plush toy

Stuffed with caring cotton’s

Wintry lucidity.

But the hidden pain

Of love’s poison arrow

Has crushed his spirit.

Now the summer breeze

Is a tropical storm,

Caring not what anyone

Else thinks,


The cry,

Is no longer

That of a kitten,

But a loud mournful


Like a ruttish cat

Longing for a mate.


The plush toy

Has been worn from use

And misuse.

And its caring cotton

Has been stained

From its travels.

Up and down,

Up and down,

Being dragged through the

Tainted emotions of others.

And so,

The soft, caring, quiet


Has been murdered.