Another post on the fact that I am not me… LoL

When discussing the concept of “me” I posit the idea of “becoming” rather than “being” (future tense as compared to present tense). I mean, is it really possible to live in the “now”, for time flows like a river; there is never really a “now” because “now” is “then”, and if it is not possible to live in the “now”, and “me-ness” is defined as who I am right now, then is there any real concept of me?..

Anyway I try to define “me”, it seems that the me of now (which is now 1 second ago) is different than the “me” of 1 second from now, which is now now, which is actually now 1 second ago. I don’t really know how that ties it my “me-ness”, it would seem that someone might say that I am never me; and I like to joke with everyone I meet, by shaking their hand and saying “Hi, I’m becoming Jedi”, it drives a few batty (especially my wife who has to look around embarrassed and pretend she doesn’t know “me” [and of course she doesn’t because there really is no concept of me]) – and with a few others it starts up some really interesting conversations! 🙂