I lost it yesterday

Sometimes it’s good that God allows me to lose it (and when I lose it, I really lose it, just as my wife…. on second thought, don’t!) 🙂

It helps remind me that I’m just a click away from destruction (in any and all forms), reminds me that there really is nothing special about “me” (however that’s defined), except for the fact that I am made in the image of God.

It’s also funny how I can handle the really tough and hard things in life, but it’s the simple and foolish things that make me lose it.

For example, yesterday, my snow thrower broke (in two ways making it impossible to use), I broke my drill bit trying to drill a sheer pin out, and I spent over 3 hours playing in cold mud & slush on the garage floor; I think woke up feeling miserable (just found out that I have some type of sickness that my doctor has not seen in over 30 years of practice, so I’m on my way to a specialist for a potential biopsy).

The trailer to haul the snow thrower was embedded in ice, I broke it free after about an hour, using the ATV and the VAN; and then the VAN got stuck; it took almost another hour to get the van unstuck – and I was never able to get the trailer out.

Well, finally, I rented a trailer, returned the snow thrower, bought a new one (which incidentally cost me 2x as much), and when I got home and went to take it out of the trailer, I found that the new one was broke (by wind resistance it seems) in such a way as to make it unusable.

I ran out of cut wood to heat my house, and my full oil tank won’t last a month (700+ dollars gone in a month) if I leave the outdoor boiler connected while I use the inside oil boiler – and I have no choice. I can’t get more wood without a snow thrower (there is no way the ATV can plow this most recent ice; so come Monday, I’m not going to be able to heat my house (well – again, I will, it’ll just be VERY expensive)…

I’m glad these things come my way though, as I said, it reminds me, that I’m really just walking dirt, and everything I have could be taken away from me in a split second; so I should appreciate it while I have it….