The good news and the not so good…

The great news is that I received a brief note saying that the interviews went “well” – no more details yet – but praise God – that’s got to be good news!

The bad news is that our lawyer was unable to make his November trip to Haiti because other clients papers were not completed; and when he went to rebook his plane tickets, the prices had almost tripled for the end of the year – so now he is unsure if he is going to be going to Haiti before the new year. 🙁

We have still have so many hurdles to overcome – first, the fact that we need a legal waiver to even adopt in Haiti because we have biological kids and our under 35 (we have been married almost 12 years though – so we at least have 1 of the three requirements met); second, if we receive that waiver, we also have to get a presidential waiver; third is that next year is an election year in Haiti, and historically it seems that during election time the country has the ability to become very unstable, and legal processes seem to stop in their tracks.

So, my new prayer is that:

  • first and foremost we will be able to get into the legal system as quickly as possible,
  • second that God will use our amazing lawyer to overcome all the problems that are put in our way and our children will come home quickly,
  • third that for the sake of the people in Haiti that their country will remain stable and the elections of 2010 will show a turning point in the history of the democracy of Haiti,
  • and fourth that our legal process will not be held up because of the elections.