On Capitalism, Socialism and Ride-sharing

In the article linked below, the writer argues that unconstrained capitalism must be stopped as it allows an entity to use their advantages (i.e. money, skill, intelligence) to come out ahead of others.

To be fair, the writer doesn’t say to get rid of capitalism as a whole, what the writer is really arguing is that sameness and fairness needs to be controlled by a few powerful people rather than the dictates of the buying and selling power within the market. The end result: the company with advantages should be forced to sacrifice to the others to create equality and sameness, for the good of the whole.

I am left wondering: how is that different from the end goal of socialism?

The man who speaks of sacrifice to you, speaks of slaves and masters … and intends on being the master.  – Ayn Rand

Review the post @ Salon and tell me what you think.
Why Uber must be stopped or why Capitalism is bad

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