The weight of Gold

I am stuck inside a mud pit with

A pocket full of gold.

This story of my wayward step

Is one that should be told.

One day while walking on the edge

I thought that I would try,

To soil my sole, to take a step

and yet keep clean and dry

And ‘lo perhaps if I should fall

Or something worse unfold

The remedy was right with me

My pocket full of gold.

I walked out deep, I felt no fear,

As you can clearly see

The safety net, that you can get

With gold so plentily

But now I stand up to my knees

And sinking very fast

There’s something that I could not see

But late, at last, I grasp

And with a frown, my head goes down

Below the mirky foam

The weight to bear of gold so fair

Has crushed me like a stone.

© 2007 Jediah Logiodice

– Sometimes the more gold you have in your pockets, the deeper you get stuck in the ruts of life –