Two days till Graduation

I am two days away from stepping into a position as the first of my immediate family to have completed a Bachelor’s degree.

I have loved learning since the first moment I came into my awareness as a sentient being. I seek understanding; I court knowledge as a lover, and exalt wisdom as a best friend. I live to the maxim of Socrates understanding, that the unexamined life is indeed not worth living.

This university, Capella University, and my professors over the last four years have brought and laid before my feet the gift of knowledge; but laying in there, and not handing it to me. Acting, more properly in description as a road sign, standing and pointing the way, but never offering what I would not myself take. And so I have taken hold of the direction, I have mothered it, I have caressed and succored it, allowed it to germinate inside of me, with enthusiasm, with determination, with distinction.

Every class I have digested, every person I have met, are now entwined into my experiences of life; my soul – if you will. From the amazement of the exterior world as far reaching as astronomy can unveil, to the wonderment of the internal world full of philosophical debate and psychological prose.

I have sat on the deathbed with Ivan Ilyich, and have peered into the mind of hallucinogenic madness working with discrete math, I have been pulled, and I have stretched like taffy in the maker’s hands. I am new.

I have learned, as penultimate in my undertaking of life, that it is within me and of myself to accomplish anything I am willing to work for – and the same for you! Time is my only enemy.


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