A presuppositional Compatibilist?

I have met so many people that seem to subscribe to what I would call Objectivism (although in truth, after looking this up for this post, it appears that someone has already laid claim to this term, and I make no claim to a comparison between my use and their use), where they believe that their views are totally mind independent, that they can interchange in the economy of idea’s without having any presupposed bias.

In my view of existence, that there is no being-independent reasoning, I would make references to Aristotle’s Prime Mover (The First Cause) – to state that outside of the prime mover there is no uncaused cause (in some ways I’m a Compatibilist [That is – I believe in determinism and free-will all at the same time]) – in fact, in regards to pre-existing thought – I would probably be considered a presuppositionalist like Van Til – stating that all human thought presupposes the existence of the God of the Bible – but no – I’m not prepared to argue that point (yet). 🙂

To me reason is not abstract from being.