Savage or Noble – Do you wnt to know?

I worked out deductive arguments to answer this question; i have the logic written out, I won’t give it out to anyone who hasn’t tried to work the solution outo themselves – but if you’ve tried and you’re stumped – or want validation, let me know and I’ll be happy to provide it!

You are the sole survivor of a shipwreck and are drifting in a small raft parallel to the coast of an island. You know that on this island there are only two tribes of natives: Nobles, kind folk who always tell the truth and Savages, cannibals who always lie. Naturally, you want to find refuge with the Nobles. You see a man standing on the shore and call out, “Are you a Noble or a Savage?” The man answers the question, but a wave breaks on the beach at that very moment, so you don’t hear the reply. The boat drifts farther down along the shore when you see another man. You ask him the same question, and he replies, pointing to the first man, “He said he was a Noble.” Then he continues, “I am a Noble.” Your boat drifts farther down the shore where you see a third man. You ask him the same question. The man seems very friendly as he calls out, “They are both liars. I am a Noble. They are Savages.”

Who are the Nobles and who are the Savages?

(From Philosophy: The Quest for Truth, Louis P. Pojman)