It is disgusting…


You know, with the 10 million some odd children around the world that do not have families, it disgusts me that when you’re looking to adopt, everybody and their brother is sticking their hands in your pockets.


We just found out this morning that we need to have our papers signed by the state and the consulate – we knew that part – but didn’t know that it was at 10$ a piece… we have over 80 unique documents, that’s 800$ to get them signed and sealed.

AND THEN – if there are any problems with any of the documents 6 months down the road when they’re actually reviewed, we have to have them resigned and resealed.

AND we also found out that we have to be fingerprinted for each of our daughters we are adopting at 650$ for each fingerprinting… my town office finger printed me for free a few months ago – why 1300$???


The greed in this world disgusts me….