Christmas in February – Books, Books & More Books!

Ok, so my favorite past time is reading; and every year, at tax return time, I allow myself to splurge on books. I usually go through and buy a couple hundred dollars worth of books that I’ve been collecting on my Amazon Wish list.

This year, I struggled, to buy a kindle or not buy a kindle. I’ll cut the suspension to a minimum: I didn’t buy a kindle.

I figured, buy a kindle for 400$ and then have almost nothing to buy Kindle books with; and additionally, the thousands of books I already have, very few are in Kindle format, and of the 140 or so books on my wish list, only about 7 of them were available via Kindle.

Plus the Kindle is still not color, and still doesn’t have WiFi access. So, instead, I bought a couple hundred dollars worth of books – and now I need to build a bigger book shelf.

If you’re interested in seeing the types of books I buy and read, you can check out my Amazon media library:

NOTE: That doesn’t cover any of the Audio books I listen too, however, I try and buy the books of audio books I listen too, so that I have them to reference if I ever need to recall something I heard.

I hope to someday be able to get my children to read all of these books too; it’ll be like I have a family library – where the kids can come and check books out and read them (if people still read hardcopies then [re: Kindle’s, et. Al.].