Getting closer to starting our adoption


It’s unbelievable in one respect; after almost 11 months, our adoption hasn’t officially started yet…  It just seems unacceptable… it took us 4 months to get our paperwork done, it took another 6 months to get the children’s paperwork done.  However, rather than asking ‘why’, now it’s just time to be thankful that we’re almost to the starting line.

Our lawyer has a copy of the children’s paperwork and is doing a final review on it.  If it meets with his approval (please, please!), then it will go to the MOFA to be authenticated, will be combined with our Dossier, and will be submitted to IBESR.  This is where the real work begins!

Braeden has been very preoccupied with the health and safety of Christella and Jeddie (David) lately; I’m very happy, but I’m not sure why.  Even in his sleep the other night he said to Amanda:  “Don’t worry mamma Christella will be home soon” (He sleep walks worse than I do).

So anyway; this week or next we’ll hear back from our Lawyer and we’ll get an idea of when the triathlon officially starts!