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Anyone for a conspiracy….


Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer’s memoir


Ok, here’s the deal.  The first I heard of this I said to myself, if they truly believe the information would impact national security, then it must be kept secret… but then I thought why the heck would the Pentagon wait until after the book was published before they pulled the plug on it in such a visible way…  and there I think is the key!

While most people that like a good conspiracy are focusing on “What was removed” – I’m really thinking we should be focusing on “Why did they do it in such a visible way”.

Follow the bouncing ball. 

The writer is an ex-CIA op – probably worked in PsyOps and Counter Intel; wouldn’t it seem plausible that he was in collusion with the Pentagon to write the book, publish the book, and then have the book destroyed and redacted in such a public manner? 

First, it would definitely increase the book sales, but second, and more importantly, it would bring more credence to the information being written in the book. 

So, what if the book is actually a ploy to feed our minds with information that really isn’t true; by doing what they did in such a visible way, they have all but assured that people will buy the book, read the book, believe the book, and spread & speculate on what else may have been “taken out”.

Do we buy it “hook, line and sinker”?

See, I’m either smarter than everyone else, or I’m more paranoid than everyone else!  Either way, it certainly works to fuel the fun of conspiracies!

Now, off to buy the book!  🙂

r/Darth Jedi

The Final Test

This seems to be the CBK that I’m having the hardest time on, mostly because I know how to exploit the network very well, but do not have as much experience in configuring it.  I passed though.  🙂


Funniest part is after another full week of studying it – I still got the same grade!!! HAHA!




CBK 5 – 5 more to go in less than 10 days

Wow – this networking CBK was rough – there has to be like a gazillion networking terms that need to be memorized.  The thing is, what I’m kind of frustrated about, is I don’t see much emphasis being placed on the security of the networking technology, more about the networking technology itself.  It’s almost like you’re going for a CompTIA +Network.  I did quite well on the CBK test – but I really REALLY need to review this chapter again if I get a chance…



CBK 4 – Physical Security

I am now well versed in fence heights, and chain diameters, fire extinguishers, and IDS systems.  My score was actually higher than this too – as I found at least one bug in the testing software where it said my answer was the correct answer, but then marked it wrong :-0



Another one down – Security Architecture

This was probably the most extensive learning I had to do so far in the CISSP around the different security Models, like the Bell-LaPidula, the Biba, the Clark-WIlson, the Graham-Dennig and the Harrison-Ruzzo-Ulllman security Models… you have all that right? LoL

Funniest part is, I scored almost 100% on almost all of the concepts except:  I couldn’t seem to make the distinction between multiprocessing, multiprogramming, mutithreading and multitasking – how lame is that!

Oh, and I was exposed to a very cool side-channel attack (or more appropriately called a covert storage attack) having to do with information flow.. with an example of using storage state (like files being locked and unlocked) to steal data one bit at a time… that was pretty neat thinking!

Anyway – after 120 pages of very extensive reading under Security Architecture – I’m off to the next CBK starting tomorrow.



Access Control CBK

I read over a 100 pages last night, and there was SO much information and acronyms galore!  I have a really good understanding of Access Control, but I still learned a bunch! 

I have to do school reading tonight, so I’m going to unfortunately be behind now in the CISSP review, but I’ll have the weekend to try and catch up!

Oh, and I found out that I can read SO much more a night if I shut down my computer and put it away!  There is too much tempting me on the computer to actually keep me from peaking and playing every couple minutes…  I need better attention skills!  LoL