Here Is A Brief Video Of Some Of The Friends We Met While In Haiti

Here is a brief video of some of the friends we met while in Haiti while there in Feb.

H.I.S. Home For Children is always in need of help and volunteers. They have a weekly food bill of around 2,000 and a rent for their two orphanage compounds of close to 2500$ a month, as well as so many other expenses and needs. If you are looking for ways to help, please contact us!

We are so blessed that the Lord has called us to be fellow workers in helping to meet the needs of these children in Haiti by showing them His love and compassion through our love and compassion.

To my esteemed scategories cohorts….

I want to formally write a complaint that you guys are intentionally stealing points from me when we play scategories.

Take for example; last night. There was a question that asked us to name something that was in the refrigerator that starts with an N. My answer was “nothing”.

You, my esteemed scategories cohorts refused to accept this answer on the case that you felt that nothing was not something.

Try as I might to help you see the error of your ways by asking you to describe nothing without giving it attributes or qualities which are both necessary and sufficient condition for the being of somethingness, you could only describe nothing by describing something – thus proving my point – and yet, not gaining me points.

I therefore post these three forms of Propositional Logic to affirm the truth of my statement that nothing is really something, and demand a recount of my points! 🙂

Disjunctive Syllogism

Either Nothing is Nothing or Nothing is Something
Nothing is not nothing
Therefore Nothing is Something

Hypothetical Syllogism

If I can describe an object called nothing, then the object called nothing has attributes and qualities
If the object called nothing has attributes and qualities then it must exist as something
I can describe the object called nothing therefore it must exist as something

Modus Ponens

If an object called nothing has descriptive qualities then the object must exist
The object called nothing has descriptive qualities
Therefore the object called nothing exists

If an object exists then it can be included in a set called something
The object called nothing exists
Therefore the object called nothing can be included in a set called something

Gone but not forgotten…

I only checked his blogs every one to two months – last time I read, everything was going fine – if only I had been using RSS back then.

Today I found out that Robert Jordan passed away over two months ago. I’m deeply saddened.

He is by far, to me, one of the best Sci Fi writers I have ever read (in fact, I have read his 12 books in his series so far two times over), with his intricate, detailed, masterful weaving of the wheel of time, I have always been amazed.

I didn’t know him personally, but by reading his blogs, and reading his books, I felt that I knew quite a lot about him; seeing someones creative nature really gives you an insight of what they are capable of – a reflection into the creator who created them with their gifts.

Our loss is his gain. Not even knowing him, but being so enthralled with his books, I sit here feeling like I have also lost a part of me – strange I know.

Yes – I ate a glowstick….

Ok – I’m going to puss out on this one because I couldn’t even come close to describing it as funny as it really was – so if you’re interested – you can read about it on Anna’s blog.

Man we spent almost the whole night laughing – but because I still have a persistent cough – which made me start wheezing and gasping desperately for air – I now have a headache. Oh well – it was worth it! 🙂

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