Should requirements of biblical forgiveness extend to an animal?

Ok, it sounds like a simple question: let’s say your animal does something to piss you off.

You make it very obvious to the animal that what it does was wrong (in psych speak you say “I’m a person, and I have feelings, and what you did really hurt me” – or perhaps you just kick it…).

Then, the animal does it again, deliberately, obviously, purposefully, as if to say “I’m an animal and I’m going to do what I like”.

So, if this animal was a person, you’d be obligated to show compassion on it (for at least 490 times [7*70 for all you mathematically oriented people]), before you could wax it.

So, I’m wondering – do we actually have to forgive an animal 490 times too?

I thought about this long and hard (for all of a couple minutes) – and realized that the answer was an obvious “No”.

Therefore: I’m sending my dog to the meat packers!

A headache and a question – if it’s true that it’s false, then it’s false that it’s true too

If Rene Descartes starts with the assumption that it is true that everything is false, then does it not also mean that it is false that it is true that everything is false, and by which, if it is false that it is true that everything is false, then something’s at least are true [it’s true that it’s false that it’s true that it’s false].

Does this mean that he bases his foundation of the Cartesian method of doubt on a something that is not true (the thought that it is true that everything is false, or the thought that it is not true because it is false because everything is false) – then by his own logic because his foundation is built on something false, then his whole method of doubt is also then untrue! But that in itself is a truth.

So if it’s true that it’s false then it’s false that it’s true, which means it’s false that it’s false, which makes it true?

Do you see why people say I give them a headache all the time?

But seriously, isn’t there something self-referentially incoherent about the Cartesian Method of Doubt.

I know in the end Rene believes there is but one thing that is true “Cogito Ergo Sum” – however, how can he know that it’s true, if he starts with the idea that everything is false (which is itself an incoherent statement as it is self-contradictory), and therefore then disqualifies his own argument against his own argument.

Yay! I Have…

Migraines!!! Apart from some cyst they found in my sinus cavity – that they said is more than likely just going to go away – I have an exemplary brain scan!

So they shot me full of some type of drug to make my headache go away (which incidentally made my headache MUCH worse) – and told me to call back on monday if my headaches still haven’t gone away… 🙂

It’s good to know that you don’t have an alien growing in your brain (or at least an unwanted one)!