At the Orphanage…

Wow! I’ve never been so overwhelmed so quickly. We went to the orphanage today, and went down into the toddler room – and we were swamped by 20 some odd toddlers, saying “mamma me”, “papa, papa” and covering us, and holding upraised hands with little fingers that were flashing “pick me up, pick me up”.

Every child had to have their turn, being held by “Papa” – and for each child I picked up; I got HUGE grins, and smiles, and then I put them down and moved on to the next child.

I was overwhelmed during that time, and felt almost a little dirty because of all of the runny noses and dirty hands that I had all over me (and I’m a clean freak). But later on, as I was leaving, I was also overwhelmed with sadness, as I saw these faces starting at me from around the back yard to wave goodbye.


Many of these children are being adopted, but because of the laws of Haiti, they have been waiting SO very long, and very rarely get to actually feel the touch of their parents.

HIS Home for children was amazing; the love they are given, the care they are given, but nothing, and I mean nothing can compare to the gentle brush on a cheek from mamma or papa. I was overwhelmed with sadness as we left, and waved goodbye.

A couple of the children, one especially, who had almost died when he had first come in, and had went

and had a treatment in the states and came back HIV positive from a blood transfusion, this little boy touched my heart.

He was going around to everyone and kissing everyone, and hugging everyone. He even asked me to go around and give out kisses and hugs with him. Every time he saw me he would look up at me and give me a huge grin, because I had helped him up the stairs when we first got there and he was terrified, and then gave him a couple chocolates.

I’ve been fighting back constant tears today, realizing that we are leaving our girls in two days… I hope they understand, that they can begin to understand that if it is God’s will, that we will be back for them, as soon as we can…

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  1. Oh how I feel your pain. I was just at the O about two weeks before the families arrived. The little boy you spoke of, I cannot remember his name, the one who came to US and went back to Haiti HIV positive, what a sweetie. One cannot go to Haiti and the O and not leave without a hole in your heart. I wish I
    could tell you it gets easier, but I believe that the more you get to know your children, the harder it gets. BUT, we all know that "God has a plan for all our lives" and his perfect plan is where we all want to be. So glad you and Amanda got to
    go see your girls. Blessings, Betty

  2. The little boys name is Wood. You are right though, that’s the best way to describe it – as a "whole in the heart" – it’s almost like 4 months ago, I was complete; but now there is definitely something missing in my life… it’s not really a great feeling… but perhaps it’ll be worth it once it is filled…

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