Liberty Experience Weekend

This week I had to (e.g. had the opportunity to) travel from the east to the west, and back to the east (California trip); the trip back, starting 3AM Thursday morning to 12AM Friday morning, where I eventually ended up outside of Liberty for a college experience tour with our two youngest. I also stopped in the office towards the end of the day to get my own physical student ID card!

The campus of Liberty was beautiful, well kept, and well organized. We were so impressed by the safety of the area, and even more so, in the investment in community and safety as a whole.

Convocation was a humbling experience, witnessing thousands upon thousands of creatures connecting with their creator. We even stood on the 17th floor of the Liberty tower while the bells struck the top of the hour.

I am super exhausted, and now trying to get caught up on my doctoral assignments that were extended for a few days, but still due by the end of the week.

God is good – all the time, it just so happens, that this week resulted in experiences that were immediately recognizable as great and gracious.

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