The Power of humility

Ignore the click bait title related to “contentious leadership”, but according to this columnist, the Army has started down a path of understanding #transformationalleadership and #servantleadership.

Back in the 90s, a man by the name of Dr. David Jeremiah taught me a valuable lesson on humility.

I have used this lesson to weigh and measure my leaders over the last two decades; to learn what behaviors I wanted to emulate, and those behaviors I wanted to filter out of my own.

Those lessons and experiences have helped to shape and mature me into a leader that strives to inspire others to the same, and here is that lesson, which appears to be at the core of what the Inc columnist is trying to capture:

Humility is not a form of weakness, it’s not about becoming a door mat for others, it’s not being unwilling to make the hard decisions.

Humility is a form of strength, it’s being self-aware in understanding the uniqueness and value of those you work around and with, and being willing to learn from them, while serving them to help reach their individual and the overall organizational potential: humility is power under control.

Be a Multiplier, not a Diminisher.

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