The mind of a 5 year old

Late last week our friend Junior from HIS Home for Children came to stay with us for a week. When he walked in and our daughter Christella saw him, she hid, and went off alone and was in tears – such strong tears that she was having gut-wrenching convulsions.

I turned to Junior and said "I bet she thinks you’re taking her ‘home’" – and sure enough – she was afraid Junior was here to take her back to the Orphanage. Once Amanda and Junior (Amanda in English, Junior in Creole) explained that Junior was only here to visit, and when he left, Christella would be staying with us – she brightened right up, and not another word of it.

It was a great confirmation that she loves us, and wants to be with us, but a sad testimonial to how much trauma she has experienced in her short little life.

What can change in a single year…

Wow, did this really make me emotional… tonight, i pulled up the first picture that we ever saw of our daughter Christella, almost 5 years old, only 24 pounds.

Christella - Nov2008

And Christella, today, almost 6 years old – and a very healthy weight! 🙂

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