Meditation on the Lord’s Supper



To sup

Usually, I stand, I hear those words

                "His body was broken for you"

They cut to the heart

They make you invite his goodness, richness and mercy

The soft, sopped bread,

The bitter sweet taste of bled grapes

Into your unsavory and rotting meat,                                     gracious,              bewildered                                        

                "Why did He love me so?"

But wait!

Just try sometime                                                            standing there

                In the echoed silent halls of two thousand years of Saints

                                As they crowd around to eat

To speak those words to others

                Almost like a double edged sword

                                They reach and stab and pierce your innermost parts

And each time it becomes more unbearable

                The finality                          the weightiness of the gift

                                "His body was broken for you" 

                                                "His body was broken for you"

                                                                "His body was broken for you"


                                 "His body was broken for you"

The fullness of each hammer swung word

                Echoes. Haunts.

                Tightens the nail around His flesh

                                Grips the flesh around your eyes                             

The catholicity of his sacrifice comes crashing down around you

                Almost bringing you to your knees in full                                                               perpetual prostration

It wasn’t for you only that your "personal savior" died

                It was for him,

                                                And her,

                                                                                And him,

                                                                                                                And her

And for as many as there are to come to the feast

                                                                His body was broken for them too.


© 2008 Jediah Logiodice

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