The history of the great USA

Watched #AlexanderHamilton for a second time with Bella.

After the second time (with captions) I picked up so much more of the story. #exceptionallydone

That said, couldn’t help but being emotionally stirred thinking of the idealism and the intentionality of the founding mothers and fathers to create a better world, and how quickly corruption took over in our governing class.

There is little room in my mind to question how ashamed they would be today, seeing the qualities that began to reign around self-centered, squabbling, and petty leadership; those who are corrupt, dishonest and drunk on power – feeding off of the souls of the people they were sworn to serve.

Even in the begining, when human nature began to take over our newly formed government, there appeared to be a level of constraint based on the rawness of the recent bloodshed, and some semblance of human decency.

It seems we have come such a far distance from “by the people and for the people”, I can almost understand how Jesus felt when he wept over Jerusalem: “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace!”


Another dark night has passed

I followed the BLM protests in NPN very closely tonight.  I have very close friends with dark skin – some of my children have really dark skin.  Yet, whatever your shade, if you want to identify with those with ‘black skin’: let me say this: Dark skin is beautiful, but white skin is too; so is every. shade. in-between.

In fact, it’s really the people behind the color that are beautiful, not the color itself – and some people, despite their color, are rotten.  Can you really judge everyone who shares a certain shade of melanin by the actions of other similar shades?  Every person is unique, every situation is different;  It isn’t the skin color that makes you who you are; it is who you are inside and what you do, that makes you who you are.

That said, racism is stupid; the distinction based on skin color is stupid: people are people.

As it relates to tonight’s local protests: I have no idea what blocking traffic does to accomplish the recognition that people are people; but I’m glad there was no reported violence – at least that still leaves our local community with the option to move forward with life without fear of continuous reprisals.

I am proud of our community that it remained non-violent; and yet ask of us all: aren’t there better ways?

Teach your children at home, to understand that we are all created in His image; formed from the same seed, valued in the same way.  Don’t teach division and segregation.

Independence day 2016

Spending time over the last two years in both Boston and Virginia learning about the revolutionary war and incidiary environment which bred the realization that there could be a better world.

Saw statistics today that less than 30% of our United States of America have faith in their government, less than 15% have faith in their president, less than 5% have faith in their Congress.

Close to 70% do not believe our government has our best interest at heart and close to as many are disillusioned by the corrupt self-serving nature of our government (what we call special interest groups and lobbying).

I don’t have the details available to review the validity of the methods used to gather these stastics, but it speaks to what I hear in society from both the left and the right.

What would the founding fathers think and say?  How do we fix what is so obviously, terribly broken?

Saw this floating around on Facebook today which gave me pause to contemplate this post.

It is not July 4th we are celebrating, it is independence day – yet tyranny and oppression come in many forms.

What’s next?

Eliot on the times

This is the way the world ends…

Some serious contemplation is required to understand how we ended up with a POTUS like Obama and candidates like Clinton and Trump. 

This is the dead cactus land,
The hollow valley of dying stars,
We are the hollow, stuffed men.

A penny for the old man?
In eyes we dare not meet in dream,
Followed by a whimper.

Where will we go from here?

Render to Caesar.

And this is why I don’t put any faith in our 401k program either: in the end it all belongs to ‘Caesar’ and ‘he’ will do with it as he pleases.

American citizens who do not look to history, I recommend you check this out:

This is not new to our country and it will not end here.

if you gave me a handful of rocks and said it was worth a years worth of food, so I took it in payment assuming I could buy food from you with my newly acquired rocks over the next year to stay alive, and then afterwards, you came back and told me the rock was only worth a weeks worth of food and I now came up short by almost a year… who would I blame? True – you were dishonest, but I was foolish.

Our current form of ‘money’ is worth a pile of rocks, and by stock piling rocks, the only thing I’m guaranteed is that someday I’m going to have a pile of rocks.

To the Left and the Right… troubling times are here…

I found this draft blog post today after seeing another attempt of the Obama administration using coercion to try and override the Democratic process. Things haven’t changed in over a year. smh.

[cont. from almost a year ago]

This quote I ran into this afternoon is worth pondering… put the most recent ruling aside, because no matter which side you are on, you should smell danger.

Some of the most recent areas of contention: marijuana, Obama Care and equal rights based on sexual proclivities underlines a growing pattern: when the government overrules the democratic process, how long will it be before the people rise once again to say “enough is enough”?

Today, I can think of only one thing that is providing the glue that keeps us in a cohesive bond across this country… and that alone, is scary, given its ephemeral, coercive nature: money and the federal reserve bank.  How long will states allow their constitutional sovereignty to be overridden based on the color of printed paper?  How would the government respond if states decided to secede from the union?

We need to find a democratic way to bring us back to our democratic roots, because, based on history, our republic is not really “our” republic, and ‘our’ government, created by the people and for the people, will not hesitate to take unilateral action to remain in control… it’s the nature of humanity.

Definitely worth pondering…

Here is the quote:

“It appears the American Experiment (i.e. can man, acting in concert with his Maker, govern himself free of despots and tyrants) has largely terminated after only a couple of hundred years. I am thankful to God to have been given a fleeting glimpse of the tail end exiting freedom’s door.”

On Capitalism, Socialism and Ride-sharing

In the article linked below, the writer argues that unconstrained capitalism must be stopped as it allows an entity to use their advantages (i.e. money, skill, intelligence) to come out ahead of others.

To be fair, the writer doesn’t say to get rid of capitalism as a whole, what the writer is really arguing is that sameness and fairness needs to be controlled by a few powerful people rather than the dictates of the buying and selling power within the market. The end result: the company with advantages should be forced to sacrifice to the others to create equality and sameness, for the good of the whole.

I am left wondering: how is that different from the end goal of socialism?

The man who speaks of sacrifice to you, speaks of slaves and masters … and intends on being the master.  – Ayn Rand

Review the post @ Salon and tell me what you think.
Why Uber must be stopped or why Capitalism is bad

For a sports literate culture perhaps a tongue-and-cheek on Ayn Rand’s hypothetical Super Bowl prediction will hit closer to home.
Ayn Rand predicts superbowl results

Never a fear of tyranny – from a citizen of America

Has anyone else noticed that with the failure of trying to make the Zimmerman case about race, the liberal media is now running a significantly higher number of stories about gun violence in an attempt to capitalize on fears of the uninformed american people.

Remember when the British tried to disarm us?

It was Noah Webster in a letter to Benjamin Franklin who once said:

“A people can never be deprived of their liberties, while they retain in their own hands, a power superior to any other power in the state… Before standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any preten[c]e, raised in the United States (Webster, 1787).”



Webster, N. (1787). An examination into the leading principles of the federal constitution proposed by the late convention held at philadelphia: With answers to the principal objections that have been raised against the system. Prichard & Hall, in Market Street, the second door above Laetitia Court. Retrieved from Google Scholar.


Let’s pretend that you could give us 100% safety….

So in the latest ruse, Mr. President wants us to believe that he can give us 100% safety, if only we were to give up our privacy to the government.  Are you falling for it America?

“It’s important to recognize that you can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience,” Obama said. “We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.” – President Obama.


Amazon Coins… not such a great idea…

So here’s the deal… Amazon gets you to trade your ‘real money’ for things that aren’t real…  Oh wait, isn’t that what they do with Kindle books already?  Don’t get me wrong, I buy TONS of Kindle books – but I protect my investment.  So what is the difference, what is the rub; this little marketing ploy works something like this:

Buy 500 coins, for $9.95. Then we will sell you digital objects for these fake coins instead of ‘real’ money – today you can get 10 items for 100 coins – so really, you are getting a great deal!  But what you don’t really understand is that the real value of the products you are buying can now be arbitrarily set and after a while you won’t even realize that when they get you down to 1 item for 250 coins you are paying almost $5 for something you used to be able to get for 10 cents.

Funny thing is, this is exactly what our U.S. government did to us when they took away the gold standard; so today, we don’t really even have a concept of the value of a product that we pay for with U.S. Currency (because it really isn’t of any value anyway).

It’s the oldest trick in the book; I’ll go for a lot of things Amazon, but you won’t catch me on this one!


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