All grown up!

It’s hard to describe the pride as a parent when I look forward, (or behind) and see my first born on his first ride. After 8 hours of his second day of the course, he spent an hour and a half with me training in the neighborhood.

I still have two more riders to go in the house… someday we will have our own MC.

Amanda on the beach

I think my beautiful wife is my second favorite thing to photograph (nature is still my #1 right now); here she is standing over a precipice on Marginal Way in Wells, Maine.



Here is a picture of the ocean on Marginal Way, it is beautiful out there!

Learning Photoshop

I took this picture last week, this is the picture SOOC.


I opened Photoshop at the beginning of the week and made a bunch of edits by hand & eye, having no real idea what I was doing.  This is the picture from my first set of edits.

Then I read the first couple hundred pages of my new Photoshop book, and took a bother stab at editing.

I could have definitely preserved some of the clouds, and I might go back and fix that, but I must say, this is a great book!


Is your focus on the king?

When playing chess, there is one ultimate piece on the board… one thing that you focus all your energies on, one thing that you would sacrifice everything for.

That is the king.

There might be two Kings on the board, but YOUR King is the King of Kings.

If you want to be successful, you ned to focus on the King!

© 2012 Jediah Logiodice

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